Sunday, August 07, 2016

July in Pictures

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We kicked off July with a date to Jesterz Improv to see Matt Meese (Scott Sterling), one of our favorite Studio C sketch comedians. Local East Valley Arizonians, if you have never been to Jesterz, check them out for some family friendly entertainment.

The rest of July was pretty basic and boring and extremely hot.

I took my kids' 10th annual July 4th photo. Hard to believe a decade has gone by so fast.

Kylo's growing like a weed. Six months and 60 lbs. He melts our hearts every time we get or prepare food in the kitchen. Seriously, how does he know to hang his head and lift his eyes so he looks like the most pitiful thing ever?

Poor baby had his snip, snip surgery. The first 24 hours were a bit rough for him, but after that it was like nothing happened. Hilarious doctor's notes said to keep him from playing or jumping for an entire week. Yeah, right. Cone of shame came off a bit earlier than instructed, too, since I thought he was going to DESTROY the house with it. Or EAT it off. One or the other.

Began puppy training classes at PetSmart in the hope of getting our active little guy to calm down a tad. He whined with excitement almost the entire first class. We got to be those puppy parents. :( His ADHD kicks in at PetSmart for sure. Whew, what a ball of energy! While we're not on board with everything taught, we have learned a lot. Shiloh really likes working with Kylo during the week. He's on his way to being the best dog ever. (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

While Mark was out of town for a little over a week, I enjoyed a dog-free day! Thankful for a coupon for Kylo to enjoy his first time at doggie day camp. I couldn't help myself - I cleaned most of the day.

First order of business on our dog-free day: town hall for some Pokemon Go! Cleaned all day and then took my sweet girl to Chick-Fil-A for dinner before we picked up our puppy for training class. Being at doggie day camp all day mellowed out Kylo just a bit. Thank goodness!

More school prep for our 2016-2017 school year. Crazy that I have a senior this year!! Mullin is  doing an online school at home, but I am still homeschooling my other 2. Lincoln is a freshman in high school and Shiloh is a 6th grader. First year for me to not have anyone in the elementary grades!! What a milestone. :)

Great way to end the summer! Picking up this book.

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