Monday, December 03, 2018

Christmas Ornaments for Book Lovers

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Do you have an ornament tradition? We do. Every year right before we decorate our Memory Christmas Tree, I give my kids new ornaments. 

This year I'm LOVING the book ornament I got from InkandShrinkSwag!

I ordered a mixed stack book ornament from InkandShrinkSwag for my daughter this year, and I LOVE it. My daughter's a book lover like me, and one of her favorite series is The Maze Runner series. So glad I found this Etsy shop to personalize her 2018 ornament!

My kids opened their ornaments over Thanksgiving break, and the book ornament was a huge hit!

Pictured above is my daughter's ornament. I really love the way it turned out!

Below, I've listed a few more book ornaments that I found on Etsy. I've not ordered any of these, but I thought I'd share a variety of ornaments to fit all the different types of book lovers out there. Etsy is usually one of my first stops when I'm looking for neat, unique ornaments for my kids. 

I wish I could've posted sooner, but I didn't want to give away any surprises should my kids have happened to see. So, if you love any of these ornaments, you'll have to order SOON! 

Just click on the shop names to view each ornament and more!

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These would be super cute for the teachers on your Christmas list.

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