Saturday, December 15, 2018

Fun Activities For Kids During Winter Break {Guest Post}

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Fun Activities For Kids During Winter Break

Winter Break can be a hard time for parents to keep the kids actively learning but also having fun and enjoying their break. Here are some simple ideas and things to do to keep the kids busy all winter long.


Playdough is such a simple activity and if you make it at home it can be a fun math and science activity too. The recipe is really simple and if you store it correctly it will last a lot longer than store bought dough.

Give your kids some cookie cutters and let them have fun molding and creating new things.

Art Day

Get out all the art supplies and let the kids have total control over a drawing or a picture. Kids don’t get much time to be totally creative anymore so this would be fun to use their skills to draw or create something cool. You could even look up cartoon character drawings online to help give them ideas if needed. Let them water-color or even have a painting day!

Practice Reading/Math Skills

It’s always a good idea to keep the learning skills up while on break. Something easy and fun for the kids to do is a wordsearch like this Christmas word search. Kids will practice their reading and spelling skills as they search for the words. 

Click the image below to download the word search.

Check out for more learning resources, games, and activities just like this word search!

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