Thursday, March 02, 2006

Birthday Blues

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Well, in less than a week I will be 30! I get a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about having to say it. I am glad to be alive and all, but it is just weird that I will never be in my twenties again. This decade of my life has come and gone, and on one hand I can't help but think, "What in the world have I accomplished?" On the other hand I think, "Well, for goodness sake, I have gotten married and birthed 3 kids!" I think I often suffer from TGIGOTOS syndrome. (The grass is greener on the other side) I am expecting a gray hair to appear any day now. I would say the same for wrinkles, too, but I already have those. Spent way too many hours in the Arizona sun. To all who are still in their 20's--- Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

I've never been married to a woman in her 30s. This could be interesting!

T-Bone said...

age is nothin but a number. I'm a FIRM believer in that. Partially b/c everyone in our family is a bunch of freakin immortals and live forever. =) Partly b/c ppl who think old, act old. And vise versa. And you will be one darn good lookin 30 yr old. You know all those college girls will be, if that's thirty, I wanna be it!

HONEY said...

T-bone hit the nail on the head! There are many 20-somethings that WISH they could look as good as you! And I agree w/her that age is just a state of mind. People who think old, act old. Don't go there.

The teens were tough, 20's challenging, 30's were a lot of fun & the 40's...well, let's just say I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!! So enjoy your birthday cake & may there be many, many more! :-) You have much to look forward to!


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