Saturday, March 04, 2006

Health Nut

Pin It Now! I claim to be a health nut, not a health freak. I never want to be labeled a hypocrite in this area so I will admit right off the bat that I have an insatiable sweet tooth! I absolutely LOVE chocolate, most desserts, anything with carbs, a good juicy fast food hamburger every once in a while(although I might have a harder time enjoying this treat after viewing Superkraut's cow photos), Papa John's pineapple pizza, M&Ms( it is nothing for me to eat a huge bag in one day), and well the list goes on and on. Now that I have a clear conscience, I can move forward with what I really wanted to write about.
Alot has changed since I was a little girl, and there is still lots of changing to do. My grocery shopping fantasy is to one day be able to do ALL of my grocery shopping at Wild Oats! (Ecxept when I need that bag of M&M's) I grew up on Hamburger Helper, canned veggies, Little Debbie's, Kool-Aid, antibiotics, and nuked food out the whazoo, but ever since I started seeing a Chiropractor at the age of 14, I have been hooked on anything and everything that has to do with a natural, alternative healthy lifestyle. What is really funny, though, is that I am married to someone who cares as much about this topic as I care about camping. Any reputable matchmaking company would have never put us together based upon our eating habits. Come to think of it, we are pretty much opposites about everything, but since it was The Matchmaker who put us together, I can confidently say we are just right for one another. I would HATE to be married to someone just like me!! (I am kinda hard to live with!)
For over a decade I have spent many hours researching herbology, aromatherapy, homeopathy, healthy eating, etc... and have been trying my best to put all of the knowledge I have acquired into practice. There is still SO much more I want to learn, and half the stuff I have already learned I have forgotten. While I am by no means an expert, I hope to use my blog as an outlet to share some of the things that I have learned. If you have any tips, please share. I'm on the edge of my seat when it comes to health!
My pictures wouldn't load, and I am tired of trying. So I will go ahead and post pictureless=(

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