Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Question #3

Pin It Now! Q: What is your favorite drink??
This question was inspired by the conversation I had with Tamra regarding the meaning of the term, "fun drink".

A: I love food, and I love drinks, too, especially when they are "fun"!
*My favorite HOT drinks are hot cocoa, especially the homemade kind topped with real whipped cream. My Christmas hot cocoa is even more fun when I add red or green sugar crystals on top of the whipped cream and a cute little candy cane. The kids just love it!
I also love the 2 different kinds of wassil I make during the fall and winter.
Vanilla Cremes and Caramel Apple Ciders from Starbuck's make fun treats as well. I do not like coffee.

*My favorite COLD drinks are anything FRUITY!!! Fruit Smoothies, Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daiquiris, any kind of punch, etc. For me alcohol would ruin my fruit drinks. I want to taste nothing but the pure sweetness of the FRUIT!!! As far as my everyday favorite drink, well, it would just be plain old semi sweet decaf Lusianne tea! Also, a real treat for me is buying "fun" bottled drinks from Wild Oats. I really like the Raspberry Green Tea Soda! Those Bare Naked fruit drinks are super yummy, too.
So, that is what I mean by Fun Drink!! I am sure I have more but can't think of any at this moment.


Anonymous said...

My favorite drink is hot chocolate and Dr. Pepper

Anonymous said...

My favorite drinks are chocolate milk, hot chocolate and juice!

Brandi said...

Wow, those are such healthy drinks, kids!!!

HONEY said...

My favorite drinks are:
1. Chocolate Milk
2. Cranberry juice & Ginger Ale w/a lime
3. Vanilla Steamer w/whipped cream

Anonymous said...

My favorite drinks are coffee, Coke, and wassil.

Anonymous said...

My favorite drinks are Coffee and Coke. What is better than a freshly chilled Coke in a bottle.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say a chocolate milkshake from Fudruckers wouild be my favorite fun drink. Hot chocolate is yummy too.


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