Sunday, July 15, 2007

Humidity is Relative

Pin It Now! I just thought is was so funny to hear folks chatting about how humid it was in the valley today as we were leaving church. There were a few clouds in the sky, and it did manage to spit a few raindrops upon us as we headed to our car. To us it was a bit of a relief, though I will admit I haven't really missed that good old fashioned Memphis humidity. I remember when I would return to Memphis after visiting my mom in AZ, how I would just feel completely overpowered by the humidity as soon as I stepped off of the plane!!!! Takes your lungs a few breaths to adjust to the thick air, but then again out here your lungs have to get used to filtering dirt!!

1 comment:

HONEY said...

I hear ya! I just laugh & laugh when ppl here complain about "the heat"...oh my it's 89 degrees! HA!


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