Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's New With Sue?

Pin It Now! Shiloh is growing up so fast. In some ways I am thrilled, and in some ways I am not. Babies and toddlers are sooooo incredibly cute and yummy, but, oh are they ever so much work!! After 3 kids I am completely drained. My quiver is full.
She just loves having tea parties now, and when mommy plays, we get out the special tea party set. Her two favorite Care Bears, Heartsong and Amigo are always invited. I love watching her set up all of her dolls and give them food to eat.
Well, we must be down to the last drop of lemonade.
Look! Shiloh is now using her toddler bed. I think the first time she slept in it was just a few days after she turned 2. She fell out a few times those first couple of nights. She probably won't fit much longer on this baby mattress, though, since she is quite tall for her age. She is as tall as some 3 yr. olds, but still in a diaper. Oh please, don't get me started on potty training. This girl is being such a little stinker. I thought girls were supposed to be easy!! Well, I must say my patience level is much higher now that I have 3, so I am not really stressed or anything. But, I know she could do it if she wanted to. I bought Dora pull-ups as an incentive, and she absolutely loved them. She would take them off, though, all of the time. One night Mark went in her room b/c she was crying, and she was completely naked and shivering in her soaked bed. Anyway I have gone back to diapers. I really just got tired of her always sitting on the pot but not putting anything in it. We will try again later. Daddy has promised her a new Care Bear if she puts something in the potty!!
Shiloh likes to color and put stickers all over paper. She can open the fridge now,too, which drives me bananas. I haven't found a lock for the side by side fridge either.
Let's see what else... she loves Veggie Tales still, she loves to sing, and one of her favorite songs is Rebirthing Now by Skillet. She also loves to listen to David Crowder. My brain can't think of any more things right now. I am sort of using my blog as a keep up with Shiloh's life thing, so when I get around to her Baby book I will be able to remember stuff!!

Goodness gracious! The days are long, but the years are short.


Carrie said...

"The days are long, but the years are short." I need that on a t-shirt!

She's gorgeous and I'm enjoying keeping up with your family from so far away. I miss living just down the road from ya'll!

Three kids is SO exhausting but I must be getting a second wind because we're starting to talk about a possible #4. Not sure what I'd do with a boy though...he'd better like pink!

HONEY said...

Ahh...the potty training years...this too shall pass. (And eventually, it'll even "pass" in the potty! :-)


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