Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So Sere Here!

Pin It Now! The 20 or so drops of rain we received a few days ago did nothing to quench the desert's thirst!! It is so hot and dry here that we have had to try and keep ourselves entertained indoors. Mullin has had a fun time building Pirate theme park rides. I believe this was a toy Pawpaw and Grandma gave him that he is just now growing into.
The other day we made tasty models of molecules. The one they are holding up happens to be for Fruit Sugar. I let the boys pick out different colors of Jelly Bellys to represent the atoms that make up the molecules. Of course Shiloh didn't make molecules, but I did let her pick out some pink Jelly Bellys.
Thank you Grandma Honey for the cookie craft! The boys loved being creative with blue frosting and gummies. Mullin was sad he had to pick the gummies off when it came time to taste, but he can't eat anything sticky while wearing braces.

Can't believe how fast the summer is going, and can't believe how much of my to do list is still left!! I am ready for a vacation with just me. A week at home all by myself sounds really good right now!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I do remember you and I was thrilled to hear from you!! Yes we have us a grandbaby and I highly recommend it! We are over the moon for his newborn yummieness. He is adorable. I continue to teach the Moms Ministry. This is my 18th year and now I am publishing my studies and producing DVDs. Six churches are using the series in their Womnen's Ministry program. Who knew?? Craig and I are just before heading off to speak at a Conference in India. Pray for us if the Lord prompts you to. We leave July 19-29. THen in Dec. we will go to Nepal to teach. The mission trips, writing and teaching is keeping me pretty busy these days but I am lots of time to rock and cuddly Declan. What a joy. Thank you for checking in. Please keep me posted on you and your family doings! Blessings. Standing Near the Cross, jean stockdale


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