Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Knight Bus Pics

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The day we've all been waiting for finally arrived and Mullin got to board the Knight Bus and make his 15 second video on why he likes the Harry Potter books.
My mom and I and the kids made it to Surprise, Arizona in just an hour and a half. We planned on at least 2 hours, so we were a bit early, which ended up being great because the kids had time to participate in the Harry Potter activities at the library.

The boys made Harry Potter glasses, and Shiloh had fun coloring pictures.
We didn't think Lincoln was going to be able to go on, but in the end he did. I think he was a little disappointed about it not being a "real" triple- decker bus.

Once we were in we just sat and waited for Mullin to do his video. Quite honestly the room was cramped and it was a bit warm, but all in all we had a blast. What a neat experience!!!

After all the Harry Potter fun, we had lunch at my mom's Aunt Lynn's house, stopped at Cold Stone Creamery, then drove home. We left at 6:40am and got home at 3:00pm. I am whooped!!!

Soon we will let you know where you can view Mullin's 15 second video.....

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