Sunday, November 04, 2007

2 Star Wars Characters and a Beautiful Princess

Pin It Now! The kids were so excited about getting candy! Lincoln got a little upset right before we left, so he didn't fully cooperate for the group photo. Hmmm, seems like there are quite a few of these types of pictures in our files.
Shiloh was such a good girl and the boys took very good care of her. If she was too scared to go to the door, Lincoln would bring back a piece of candy for her.
Just look at her--she is gorgeous. She loved the bucket that I let her use for trick-or-treating.
After searching for peanut candy in Lincoln's bucket, any off limits candy due to Mullin's braces, and finally any and all candy that wasn't fit for a 2 year old, they got the green light to dig in.


not up to code said...

Emma loves your princess! We hear about princess stuff non-stop all day long. Princess is on the brain 24 hours a day. She had to stop every other princess trick-or-treater to talk princess before we could move on the other night.

Terri said...

Love your princess costume. Shaelyn was a princess too! Must be the thing for little girls, huh? Looks like they had fun and you had good weather!


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