Friday, November 09, 2007

Fridge Art

Pin It Now! Hanging art on my fridge was something I said I would never do. Then I had kids.
Kids love to draw pictures, and honestly now that I am a mom, I love to see their work displayed! To try and keep things on the "neat" side, I bought each kid a magnet clip and they're each allowed to hang one picture on the fridge.

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AJ said...

Funny how things we will and won't do, like and don't like, tolerate and won't tolerate change over the years, isn't it? :) And it keeps happening. Things I swore I'd never wear (like ugly but comfortable shoes) .... I'm there! Well, maybe they're not "ugly" but they sure aren't cute! But I'm past the 'suffering for beauty' stage (physically, if not mentally) so it's basically a matter of "do I want to be able to walk without excruciating pain or do I want to look good?" and even though I'd prefer the latter, I have no choice but to pick the former. Life (and years) change a lot about us! But it's not all bad! :)


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