Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anna and Dorsett

Pin It Now! These are the names of our new trees. Apple trees!!! I am so excited about having fruit bearing trees right in our own backyard. Anna and Dorsett are both yellow apples--the red varieties don't do so well here. Too bad I can't plant a Gala apple tree, but it needs 600-700 hours of freeze time in winter. Hopefully next June we will be enjoying our very own apples!

Lincoln offered to "help" Daddy plant the trees. Great memories!

Oh, and I am tickled pink about all the baby oranges on our orange tree! I hope they all survive the desert winds this spring. If so, we will pick our very first orange from our very own tree in December.

We are contemplating planting a lime or lemon tree out front--the kind that produces all year round. And as soon as I get some compost to mix in with my dirt, my garden box, built by my hubby, will be ready for me to plant seeds. So far I have cucumber, onion and pumpkin (the pie making kind, not the carving kind). Still deciding what else to plant. Need to hurry before it is too late!!!!


not up to code said...

I love fruit trees and I know how you have been wanting them for such a long time. I guess peaches don't grow in Arizona?

I was eating a lemon one day a decided to see what would happen if I put the seeds in some dirt. Five years later I had a lemon tree that was 6 feet tall. We even moved that lemon tree from K'ville to Cinci to Memfo where I finally left it in Lakeland. It never produced any lemons but it did produce some nasty 3 inch woody thorns. The leaves smelled really nice if you rubbed them - just like a lemon pez!

Mark is looking almost as skinny as Nathan!

Knit-Wit said...

Your post makes me sad.... The summer before we moved I planted two apple trees, two plum trees, and a cherry tree. We moved before any of them produced fruit. I think that is what I miss most about our home in SD. I was never able to taste the fruit.

Terri said...

Oh a lemon tree - think of all the lemonade you'd have. Yummy!


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