Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Cavity

Pin It Now! I am so tired of singing the same song and dancing the same dance at the dentist's office.
It has been this way since my very first visit at age 5 or so. I think I am just going to blame it on my genes b/c I don't know anyone more obsessive compulsive about cleaning their teeth!!

In the past I have blamed my weak teeth on the fact that I grew up on modern, nutrient deprived foods such as formula, white breads, canned and processed stuff, convenient, frozen meals with the never ending lists of unpronounceable words, skim milk, etc. Then in my teens I got the brilliant idea of trying out a no fat diet for a while. Nutritious, huh? While I am sure all of these components didn't help the problem, I have come to the conclusion that it wasn't necessarily the cause.

Why? Well, my brother and sister never seemed to get any cavities as kids. They were eating the same food that I was eating. At least I think they were.

As far as brushing goes, I am a legalist. Even as a teen, I used the before mouthwash, Plax, flossed, brushed and used an after mouthwash. Now I am at home all day and brush at least 3 sometimes 4 times a day. I even use the fluoride rinse that I got from the dentist's office. I also chew the kind of gum that is supposed to help prevent cavities. Mark loves to tease me about my whole teeth cleaning ritual. I actually hate using all of the chemicals that I use for my teeth, but I will do anything to keep from having any more cavities and root canals. Obviously it isn't working!!!

Back to the gene theory. It just isn't fair! My dad never went to the dentist as a kid. He has very healthy teeth that are perfectly straight. So, I guess I didn't inherit a lick of his healthy teeth gene. I remember my mom having quite a few cavities. Don't know if she's had any root canals-- I have had 3 already!!! What I have been told, though, is that my maternal grandmother had an entire set of false teeth by the time she was in her 30's. Yikes! I am trying to look at the bright side and be thankful that I am not having to take my teeth out every night and soak 'em, but I am still a bit miffed about having yet another cavity. Blaming my genes really doesn't make me feel any better, actually worse b/c I feel that I am helpless. Not to mention I have read many articles that suggest there is a relationship between a person's teeth and their overall health. Presently I wonder, am I eating all of this healthy food in vain??

I wonder what my children are thinking? I always tell them to brush their teeth so they won't get cavities. I am sure they have to be quite confused as to why mommy gets them.

Because I am already in a bad mood about the whole thing, don't anybody dare to even mention the possibility of my cavities being related to the fact that I love to eat sweets!!!!!!! :)

Hmmm, now there's a thought. Maybe I could sue all of the companies whose candy I am addicted to. Yeah, it's their fault for making such tasty treats. It shouldn't be my responsibility to use self control at the store when they strategically place the beautifully wrapped packages right next to the check out counter.


Knit-Wit said...

Maybe there is a connection between how much you brush and cavities. Perhaps there is a conspiracy between the toothpaste people and the dentist. Afterall dentists hand out free toothbrushes and toothpaste. If everyone had perfect teeth (which is what they say they are pushing for) than they would be out of business, right?

Hmmmmm..... Just putting another twist on all of this. :)

Alida Sharp said...

I had almost the same thought as Karolee...maybe there is a conspiracy between the dentists and the candy makers!?

Much of the candy for sale here in Russia is sugar free and yet many people we know have horrible teeth!!

T-Bone said...

Well, i have to say i think that genetics definately play a role. I've never had a cavity, and I don't pay NEAR the attention to my teeth that you do. Ne'er a one. BUT, in my nutrition class, there was definately a correlation to the nutrient intake when teeth are forming to cavities later. So maybe they both played against you.

Staci said...

I think some people just have bad teeth.

Myself included. I just had another cavity filled on Tuesday. I found out (or was reminded) that I have had work done (read:fillings) on EVERY SINGLE TOOTH in my mouth. Have I ever showed you my gold tooth? :)

Super fun, huh?

not up to code said...

My maternal grandmother had a full set of false teeth at age 26!

I have found that every time I go to the dentist they say something along the lines of, "Ooooo, that tooth looks suspicious. Lets fill it!" or "Let's open that tooth up and see what is going on." My teeth don't hurt and my response is along the lines of, "I'll just keep and eye on it."

Then the next time I go to the dentist I ask them to look at the "suspicious" tooth and they say, "Oh, no it looks fine but this tooth on the other side need to be opened up." I have no idea what they are talking about but I am not going to voluntarily "open up my tooth for someone getting paid to do it.

This has been going on for years and I still have all my teeth. Quit beating yourself up about it. Some people abuse their teeth and never have a problem while others do everything possible to take good care and still have weak teeth.

Anonymous said...

Staci has a gold tooth!!!!!!!!!!!! Holla!~

Brandi said...

My mom just informed me that my maternal grandfather also had a complete set of false teeth in his twenties!!!!! There really is no hope for me!!:(

Brandi said...

No fair T!

T-Bone said...

remember also that your grandparents didnt have flouride in their water. we do. well, most of us do. Shaenon didn't when he grew up. but then he didnt have electricity either.

HONEY said...

That is interesting. Heard a funny story once of a guy who decided to put a piece of a wooden toothpick into his tooth to fill his own cavity. Duh...the wood swelled up & caused him a great deal of pain & he ended up at the dentist anyway to have it removed & filled properly. My the things that folks will do! :-)

Kristen Marlin said...

You're not helpless at all! Just keep to the basics: brush 3 times and floss those hard to reach corners. It's that simple. If it isn't in the genes, maybe it's in the habit.


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