Friday, April 25, 2008

A New Brushing Experience

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My husband, after reading my previous post, went to Target on his lunch break yesterday and bought me an electric toothbrush! He even put it in a cute bag! He knows how affected I am by presentation. Is that speaking my love language or what?!

So last night was my first time ever to use one of these, and let me just tell you: turn the toothbrush on after you put it in your mouth. Do it before like I did and toothpaste splatters everywhere. Duh!

Also thank you to all who commented and sympathized or empathized with me.


Anonymous said...

HA HA! You didn't tell me about that part!

And you're teaching my kids?!!

Staci said...

We have a Sonicare...and let me tell you...that thing is amazing. I should have told you that before. For how badly I care for my teeth, that thing is my saving grace. Despite the cavities, the dentist always tells me that my teeth are in pretty good shape otherwise!

I will empathize with learning the hard way to turn it on AFTER it's in your mouth. And make sure not to take it out until it's turned off!

What kind did you get? Just a little secret: if you get the Sonicare...or one with interchangable heads, the WHOLE family can use it!!!!

Brandi said...

Mine's got three heads, so I guess the entire family can't use it but 3 of can!!
Can't wait to see that gold tooth on Sunday!!!!:)

HONEY said...

You are married to a Prince! :-)

Staci said...


I don't think we'll be at church tomorrow...

I think we are going to get up early and go to a church in the mountains, and then go camping.

Wanna come??? It would be fun!!!!!!!!!!

That is, if we can pull it off in a short amount of time.

Guess we'll have to wait to showcase the gold tooth!

Anonymous said...

My wife? Camping anywhere but a hotel room? That's a good one.

Brandi said...

And I don't even like hotel rooms much!!

I get creeped out thinking about how many people have actually slept in those beds. You know the quilts and blankets don't get washed every time there is a different guest. Gross!

My dream vacation right now would be to just be in my own house for a week without the kids!! I mean if I had the opportunity to go somewhere really amazing, I would.

Staci said...

It was worth a shot! :)

I'll win you over!

So, will you make sure to get that Worship application stuff for me? That will mean that we just have to meet up sometime this week! Darn! :)

We'll miss you tomorrow. No one to run interference for you with uh, you know who!

not up to code said...

Good husband with the toothbrush save!

That is so funny you mention a vacation in your own home. I did just get a vacation in my own house. Picked the kids up today after they spent the week in East Tennessee. I only did the dishes twice this week and never cooked dinner once. We ate out using gift certificates and coupons for buy one dinner get one free. By my calculations, that is cheaper than buying groceries!

Knit-Wit said...

LOL! We buy toothbrushes for the family every year for Christmas (stocking stuffer). One year we got the cheap electric brushes. The kids loved them.


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