Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Half Raised

Pin It Now! My oldest child is nine today. Nine. That means he's half raised.

Good night moon! Where, oh, where has my little boy gone?

Double his age from right this very minute, and he's gone, off to college somewhere in this great, big world. Wow, that'll wake ya up!

Seriously, I got all teary one day last week when this incredible thought hit me like a ton of Arizona desert rock!

I have been a SAHM every minute of his life, and it feels like I haven't had enough time with this little guy. It goes way too fast. Life truly is but a vapor, and this truth becomes so real when you have been given the amazing gift of a child.

As difficult as it is, I don't regret being a SAHM. Really, I've only got 9 years left to raise this son of mine, and then he will be considered an adult, on his own. I am sitting here thinking, surely this can't be right! Only 9 years left. Crazy, it is.

I could choose to dwell on all the things I think I should have done differently, but I won't. Today I will celebrate my oldest whom I struggled to bring in to this world almost to the point of death. Thank you, God, for letting me stay to raise my son.

Happy birthday, Mullin. I love you with all my heart. ---Mom


Anonymous said...

I was in your shoes a few short months ago when my one and only turned 16 and drove out of the driveway without me or his Dad for the very first time. That felt like a practice run for what's to come in two short years (and yes, the older they get, the years get shorter somehow).

In a mere two years, he'll hit the road to the other side of the state for college. I only wish I could slow time down just a little bit. I'm so not ready for that. I'm too young for the empty nest syndrome. :(

Anonymous said...

And a Very Happy Birthday to Mullin. He's a fine looking young man (spitting image of his Mom).

Staci said...

I'm not even sure I can comprehend this. Not in the scope of my understanding. Wow.

So, yeah, the Olympics are on, silly!!!

HONEY said...

The real wake up is when you see your son holding his son...Yeah, that one slapped me right between the eyes 9 yrs ago! If time flies when you're having fun...we must all be having a ball, eh?

Happy Birthday Mullin! Be on the lookout for the FedEx man!

AJ said...

Happy Birthday to Mullin!! Sure doesn't seem like 9 years have gone by!! Mercy me!

not up to code said...

Wow nine years! Happy Birthday to Mullin. But I am pretty sure you will have much longer than just nine years to parent. I am beginning to realize that parenting is a lifetime commitment. It won't ever be done, it will just change.

My brother used to request easter baskets at the age of 25! He was living in LA and demanding an easter basket from my mom.

HONEY said...

Hey...what's wrong with wanting an Easter Basket? No need to get into age, but I still love my Easter Basket! :-)

In fact this last Easter my sweet husband made a very fun "treasure hunt" & when I was done, I had a very full Easter Basket! Nah...one never gets to old for fun stuff like that!


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