Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in Memphis--Sort Of

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Technology really is amazing. We were able to "attend" Christmas dinner at Pa and Cece's via the web cam. We did so last year as well, but with a few kinks worked out it was even better this year.

The boys couldn't wait to open these odd shaped presents. Poor Lincoln thought they were Lincoln Logs all day long. He did NOT want Lincoln Logs this year. Boy, were they surprised!!!!!

Identical Clone Trooper Voice Changers and Clone Trooper Blasters.

Shiloh's turn--she got a baby doll crib that required assembly. She was so upset Daddy didn't have it finished by her bed time!!!

We had Mark's family projected onto our TV. The kids thought it was so cool! It was nice being able to see everyone.

One helmet ready to go--these also required parental assembly. And of course that always means Daddy!!

Shiloh loves her new 25 year anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid from Pawpaw and Grandma. Her name is Eliza Lucille. She fits perfectly in the new baby crib!

It was great seeing all you TN people!!!! We love and miss you guys!! The kids had fun today playing with their new toys.

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