Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Past

Pin It Now! 2003-- We always go light looking on Christmas Eve. We found the coolest house in Cordova that year. The owners of the house had this area specifically set up so people could have their photos taken. The boys loved it!!

2004-- Lincoln and Mullin dressing up at The Alpine Village at their Pa's church.

2005-- We were incredibly blessed to be able to add a beautiful Christmas princess to our family!!

2006-- First Christmas in AZ--living at my mom's house. A very sad and happy time all mixed together.

2007-- Last year, we were so glad to be able to set up our tree in our very own home again!!
It is fun reliving Christmas memories. I hope someday we can purchase a scanner. Then I will be able to go way back--much further than 2003. Oh, how I wish I could post cute baby pics of my boys at Christmas time!!


HONEY said...

Love the pics! Wish I had known you did not have a scanner. Just got rid of one because we had 2. Sorry!

Staci said...

Come to my house someday for coffee and you can scan them on ours. :)


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