Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day--Ragamuffin Style

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2009? What? 2008 seems like a blur!
Anyway, everyone who knows me knows I HATE staying up late, so we celebrated the new year on New Year's Day instead of New Year's Eve. I was singing Tylenol PM's praises this morning b/c it kept me from waking up at midnight to the obnoxious firecrackers and pot banging that was going on, so my hubby tells me.
Mark, on the other hand, is an owl, so he didn't mind staying up most of the night tending the shoulder on the smoker. Lincoln tried to stay up but fell asleep on the couch around 9:30. Mullin made it to 11:00, I guess. Sad when my 9 yr. old stays up later than me!!! Yep, there wasn't much going on in the Ragamuffin household on New Year's Eve. I went to bed at 10:00 after watching the Dog Whisperer with Mullin. That is about as crazy as I get on New Year's Eve. (And I like it that way!!!!)

We spent the morning getting ready for our friends to come over, and sweet Mullin built Benjamin a Thomas track. Oh, brings back those fond memories of Mullin when he LOVED trains.

Mmmm, the shoulder is almost done!

Here it is.... Mark's a southern boy through and through--he's proud of his pork shoulder. He even made the Cole slaw. Rotel and his grandma's baked beans were also on the menu. Our friends are NOT from the south and weren't even sure what Rotel was. Someone from Mark's work wondered if smoking a shoulder was like smoking a cigar or something. Nope, we are not in Tennessee anymore. (I am glad.) Did I just say that?

Seriously, this was an amazing, melt in your mouth shoulder!! Watch out Paw!!

And here is my beauty waiting patiently for her friend, Kaiya, to arrive.

Kaiya always loves to dress up as a princess when she comes over.

The girls playing in Shiloh's new Hello Kitty house. Kinda clashes with our decor, but oh well.

Lincoln and Shiloh relaxing after everyone left. I was so busy pigging out that I didn't even get pictures with our friends. And I am sure Mark is glad that we don't have visual proof of him getting whooped in a basketball match with Jarid!!!


Cindy Tesreau said...

Glad you enjoyed the shoulder it looks delicious! Paw would be proud! I was shocked somewhat by your comment about the state of Tennessee! I felt some dislike of the state of Tennessee or was it dislike of the some of the people who populate our great state? I guess your heart never was with our state! I will have to say a lot of great food comes from the great state of Tennessee! Our state seems to get a bad rap from a lot of people but I love Tennessee and would not want to live anywhere else. When I think about it, where you live really has nothing to do with the state or the people who populate it but more about where your heart is! I guess mine is in Tennessee.
We enjoyed seeing you on the "screen" at Christmas! Would love to see everyone in person again but will wait for another summer to do that! Love ya!

Jane Anne said...

I am a displaced Tennessee girl myself. My kids have never lived there. When my parents come out, my mom always cooks a pork shoulder. My 7 year old inhales it. It is amazing how much he puts away. I smiled reading your post! Sounds like you had a wonderful New Year's day.


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