Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold-Blooded Cricket

Pin It Now! In science class we are studying the flying creatures of the fifth day, and we have already covered birds, bats and Pterosaurs. For the rest of the year we will be studying insects. The kids thought the following cold-blooded science experiment was pretty cool!!
First, Mullin caught a cricket in a glass jar. Lincoln, of course, wanted to catch his own, too. He decided to attempt this feat while I was busy giving Shiloh a bath. It didn't end well. A cricket jumped on him, he screamed, glass jar fell---big mess on patio. :(

Second, we placed the cricket into the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Then, I calmly cleaned up the mess on the back patio.

We kept checking on Mr. Cricket. His movements were getting slower and slower until he finally stopped moving altogether.

At this point we took him out of the fridge and set the jar on the table. After a few minutes he began moving his antennae. A few more minutes and he was moving his entire body.

Hopefully the kids understand the meaning of cold-blooded a little better now.

Any cricket who happens to trespass into our home usually ends up in the sewer by way of the handy dandy toilet, but I thought I would be nice and let this one go since we put him through so much already. And he was a MALE--they are the ones who make all that noise!!

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