Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: High Fructose Corn Syrup

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For the past few years I have tried to make my pantry a high fructose corn syrup free pantry.
I have seen a few commercials recently that reassure the world that hfcs is an all natural product--after all it comes from corn, right?
"Okay, whatever." was my response but for the most part still kept our diets as hfcs free as possible.
I just came across this article from Stonyfield that explains, in English, exactly what hfcs is and where it comes from. I am not saying we should stake our views on this subject based on one article, but it helped me so I thought I would pass it along to those who are interested.
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Anonymous said...

Well it doesn't sound like a good thing still.
Nice of you to share.

Mom2fur said...

Thanks! I'm still confused about it, and will read this article later. BTW, it didn't even occur to me until blogger mentioned it...but who on earth brings a popsicle (and only ONE) to a picnic?

Aubrey said...

HFCS is NOT the same as sugar. Although it may not be the cause of our obesity epidemic, it has been linked to heart disease. As in, it causes inflammation in blood vessels. (I'm not making this up - I'm a doctor and we learned about this is medical school.) Now there may be newer research out in the last 2 years since I graduated that disproves this, but I'd still avoid it.

Cynthia1770 said...

Here's another aspect of HFCS:
the ratio of fructose to glucose
in the industrial sweetener.
HFCS-55 which sweetens all national brands of soda, lemonades,flavored teas, and ironically most sports quenchers contains 55%fructose:45%glucose.
While this appears to be similar to the 50:50 ratio of sucrose, table sugar, it is not. 55/45=1.22.
That means that everytime a teenager chugs a Coke or a Pepsi, their body is reaping the "benefits" of 22% more fructose than glucose. It is the
excess fructose moiety that leads
to long term health hazards.
Ditch HFCS, especially in sweetened beverages. To your health!

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting article on "Nutrition Know How" blog about some of the misperceptions about High Fructose Corn Syrup. You can read it here: http:
- FT on behalf of the Corn Refiner's Association


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