Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seven Just Sounds So Grown Up

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What a great way to kick off the new year---celebrating Lincoln's birthday! Wow, to say my middle child is 7 just plain makes me sound old.

January 12 began a bit rough. About 2 minutes before this shot, I was cleaning up vomit. My poor Shiloh girl threw up every home made waffle stick (lovingly made by Daddy) that she ate for breakfast. With that task out of the way, we proceeded to let Lincoln open a couple of presents before Daddy took off for work. From Pawpaw and Grandma, he got a really cool magic trick set.

Not sure which one it is again, but we bought him a new Star Wars ship. Obi Wan's maybe??

He's already learned one magic trick--how to make candy appear. Now that is my kind of trick!!

Can't go wrong with birthday cash!! He collected quite a bit from different folks, and of course he has already spent some on... can you guess? STAR WARS!

We will be having Lincoln's party this Sunday at a park, and I will attempt to free hand a Captain Rex clone trooper mask cake. Glad I am done with school today, so I can start making all the icing that I will need. Thankfully white is a predominant color! :)


How could this have happened so long ago?! Feels like a moment ago, I told Mark when he came to bed on Jan. 11, 2005, which was pretty late, that I thought we would need to go to the hospital. This is me right before we left-- I actually got up and took a shower first. What for, I do not know. By the time we got Mullin to Mark's dad's house, I was in some MAJOR pain! A few hours later, Lincoln Elijah was born.

He was so adorable in his first little outfit!! I will never forget Mullin's first words to his new baby brother--- "I love you Blinkin!" Mullin at 2 and 1/2 also said we needed to wash his dirty face. Lincoln was born with a tiny beauty mark on his left cheek, and Mullin thought it was dirt! Oh, those precious memories.

I love you my sweet sunshine!!!! Happy Birthday!!


SexandCoffee said...

Somehow or another I ended up watching that show 8 plus two...or something like that. About the couple who has 1 set of twins and 1 set of sextuplets. (The Gosselin's). Anyway, the show showed her getting the 6 down for a nap, sending the older two off to school, and having the neighbor come over for 2 hours so she could do the weekly grocery shopping. On a bugdet around $150 a week. Made me think of you and your blog about how different it is to shop now. With her coupons and super saver discounts her savings usually total $100!

not up to code said...

Happy Birthday to Lincoln!

HONEY said...

My how time flys! Happy Birthday to Lincoln & be sure to post pics of that fancy cake! I'm sure you will do a great job, as always.


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