Sunday, April 05, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Pin It Now! Yea! Shiloh finally has a big girl bed, and boy, was she excited!!!

I participated in my mom's garage sale a couple of weekends ago in hopes of making enough money to purchase bedding for Shiloh. I made about $85.00 and was able to buy the Madison Room in a Bag from Bed Bath and Beyond. With my 20% off coupon, I paid about $86 for all this.

It doesn't quite make me salivate like Pottery Barn's stuff, but it doesn't break the bank. I won't freak out if something happens to it either. Those are 2 very good things!! And, the bedding really is rather charming and oh, so feminine. I was hoping to find something with a touch of lilac in it, but oh well.

She already had the furry, pink heart pillow. I bought that a long time ago with the intention of it being a decorative pillow, but that is the one she prefers to sleep on. Silly girl.

She's had the white pillow from birth. It, and the delicate, wispy, white curtains still hanging in her room, were made by my sweet friend, Emily.

Now I need to have another garage sale to sell her crib and diaper changing table, which we are using as shelving for the moment. She piles the Carebears on the top and calls it Care-A-Lot. So cute!!


HONEY said...

What a lovely room!

Joan Therese said...

What a pretty room!


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