Monday, May 11, 2009

Fairy Berry Flaxseed Smoothie

Pin It Now! I absolutely love making smoothies. I think I have finally got the basic ingredients down, so that the consistency is just the way I like it!

I concocted this smoothie for a recipe contest that I plan to enter. I dedicate it to my sweet daughter, Shiloh, who brings out the fairy and all things girlie in me!!

You will need:

1 jar Santa Cruz Organic Berry Nectar
1 frozen banana
11 frozen blackberries
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup Brown Cow Vanilla Cream Top yogurt
1 cup ice
2 TBSP whole ground flax seed meal

** I added the ingredients to a blender in the following order-- blackberries, strawberries, banana, yogurt, Berry Nectar (which I filled to the 5 cup line), flax seed and then finally the ice. Just blend until smooth. I like to stick the whole blender jar in the freezer for about 10-15 min. to thicken it just a tad and to make it really cold. (For the fruit, I used fresh and put it all in the freezer.)

I can't wait to invent many more of these tasty treats!


Jane Anne said...

This looks like a delightful treat! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am going to have to try it out on a warm day. Good luck with the contest!

It is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Read my latest allergy post: True Story Tuesday

HONEY said...

T got me a really cool (& powerful) blender for making Smoothies! Yum! I love 'em!

not up to code said...

Yummy! - you take smoothie making seriously.

A Captured Reflection said...

Yum, I must try this. I am planning to start making smoothies, so am after some great recipes!


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