Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Face in the Window

Pin It Now! After a quick run to the grocery store the other day, I pulled into the driveway and saw a precious little face peeking through the blinds in the upstairs window. A smile stretched across the little face and then a small hand waved. It was my daughter.

I smiled back and waved. I pulled into the garage and quite unexpectedly, I had to catch my breath. I swallowed hard trying to push away the lump that was forming in my throat. My eyes began to sting, too. Good grief, all I did was wave at my little girl in the window and I was turning into jello. In a split second the past decade had literally flashed right before my eyes, and my heart felt heavy. Every now and then something out of the blue jars me and slaps me in the face saying, "They won't be this little forever." That day, it was her little face in the window.

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