Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gettin' All Growed Up

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Feels like I am writing about some other mom's son, because I know mine can't be old enough to hold a gun let alone shoot one. He gently reassured me that it's just a BB gun--okay whatever.
While my mom, sister, sister-in-law and I were out eating lunch together, Grandpa D was taking Mullin to get his hunting license. Of course when I got back to my mom's house, Mullin wanted to show me some of the skills he'd learned. I stood there honestly not knowing what to think. I mean, my son, the kid who just yesterday was lining up Thomas trains shouting, "Choo, Choo!" was aiming and firing at cans in the backyard.
It's like he went from trains to guns in 3 seconds. I've been told many times by many folks that baby raisin' would fly by in a flash, and sadly it has. Yesterday it was the trying twos, today it's the confusing tweens. Usually I am looking for the MUTE button, but today I just want the PAUSE button. You kids are growing up too fast! Just stop it, why don't ya!!!!
Seriously, I haven't seen Mullin this excited in a while. He needs zero motivation from me to complete the on line safety course etc. He's anxious to go on his first hunt in October, I believe. All this mother hen can see is a bunch of wild chicks with guns. Oh me, oh my! Can't Mullin just stay under my wing for just a little longer? Oh drat, I just felt another apron string loosen a little. Mothering definitely doesn't get easier as the kids get older. Sigh.
***I did have the foresight and wisdom to go ahead and warn my son that there will be NO animal heads in my house, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

ok.. no heads... just tanned hides and skulls. I suggest you start clearing the spaces for them.

HONEY said...

Indeed, they do grow up fast! Maybe no heads in the house, but bet you'll have some tasty meat! :-)


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