Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shiloh's Diamond Castle Party

Pin It Now! Our Diamond Castle set up...

Mama and the birthday girl--just look how big she is!!

Four dazzlingly beautiful princesses--Livi, Shiloh, Kaiya, and Sophie

Here, I am reading the Diamond Castle Barbie story to the sweet, little girls
Making necklaces just like Liana and Alexa in The Diamond Castle.

Princesses proudly wearing their necklaces. (The Diamond Castle Soundtrack is playing in the background.) :)

Time for presents!!! Yeah Barbie Rapunzel--another one of her favorite movies!!

Mirror decorating--a mirror was a very important part of the movie.

I don't think there is a Barbie trapped inside this mirror...

Princesses showing off their decorated mirrors

Last--time for cake, the messiest part of the party. Time for edible sparkles to end up all over the floor!!!!!!

Singing "Happy Birthday" to our very own princess!!

What a fun party. Can't believe my baby girl is 4!!!!

1 comment:

A Captured Reflection said...

How awesome, what a party. I showed my little girl who was very excited!


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