Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Torture Tuesday

Pin It Now! We changed our "No TV Monday" to "No TV Tuesday" a couple of weeks ago. Works out better for us, but I might as well just call it Torture Tuesday. Seriously, I am sick of the complaining and whining, mostly from my younger two, but sorry for my kids, I ain't no give in Mama!

What did I do after breakfast this morning? Took all my kids on a bike ride, well, I was the only one not on a bike. What did I do when we came home all hot and sweaty? I read to them from our summer read aloud, Hugo Pepper. Oh, and a Care Bear book for Shiloh. What did I do after that? Made Apple Spice Drops (cookies) with them. Okay so, I had a big, fat mess to clean and I expected the kids to find something to do and leave me be. Goodnight Moon! It was like I had sent them to the dungeon to clean dragon dung or something.

My kids know that I don't really allow complaining--yeah, Shiloh still doesn't completely get it, but she still has to go to her room if she won't stop. Then I just get to hear her fake crying--so irritating!!!!!! Mullin, I have to admit, does a pretty great job of entertaining himself. Lincoln, knowing that I really can't stand complaining, just kinda goes around mumbling under his breath about how there is nothing to do. It's like I got my own Kreacher hangin' around. Ugh!! (At least Lincoln's a lot cuter!)

I know it is HOT outside and we don't have a car etc, etc, but it's just one day of no TV or video games (unless they are educational). And I shouldn't be the one throwing out tons of suggestions and ideas either!

Okay so... Why can't kids just PLAY these days? Or DRAW? Or WHATEVER? There's this thing called i-m-a-g-i-n-a-t-i-o-n-----USE IT!! You're only a kid for such a short time--if they only knew how short!!!

Kids and people in general are just so LAZY-it drives my insane. I think the big, black box is turning my kids' brains to mush, at least when it comes to using their imaginations on a regular basis.

Next Tuesday... they will have an assignment. They don't know it yet, but they will.

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T-Bone said...

How much tv do they get to watch a day on the other days of the week? I think kids who, in general, are not allowed to watch tv are better at entertaining themselves, bc they have to do it more often. (At least from the children I've seen/kept)


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