Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog Binge

Pin It Now! This is the sort of page that happens when mama has been completely unmotivated to post and entirely void of anything remotely creative or interesting. So here's to a hodge podge of summer randomness...

I got smart and had the kids get a head start on a science project--one that will be ongoing throughout the year. They proudly present: Ocean Boxes. They had fun with their first spray painting experience, and to my utter dismay, I found blue snot up my nose later that evening. Guess next time I need to wear protective gear? The thought of blue paint contaminating my precious lungs is almost too much to bear.

Shiloh made a balloon butterfly a couple of weeks ago. Cute, huh?

Giddy children 30 minutes before bed. Yes, this is what happens when monsoon decides to show up right outside our desert window and grace us with gusts of wind, torrents of rain, loud claps of thunder, and zig-zaggy lightning strikes. I will always remember tumbling into a fit of laughter with my kids this night over an ice-cream truck melodically and casually passing by our window in the midst of the stormy chaos. Pulling up chairs to the window and making a fort was fun, too. :)

Lincoln and Mullin making "elf houses" in our backyard inspired by the story we are currently reading together: Afternoon of the Elves. Super great book!! I can't wait until the end is revealed and the kids realize...well I guess I shouldn't tell in case I spoil it for someone who hasn't read it yet.

Setting up a drink/snack stand at our yard sale last Saturday. Some twerp took one of our signs, so we didn't start getting customers until about 10:00. (Had to make new sign) The kids were so happy to finally make a few bucks. And so was I!!!
Well, enough of our boring, common, daily goings on.

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