Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Princess Overload

Pin It Now! What sort of girly momma doesn't like to dress up her daughter and pamper her every now and then? I mean, I just treated my very own daughter to a Diamond Castle Barbie birthday and adorned her pretty little head with a fabulous, heart-studded tiara. But, there's a limit, a line that shouldn't be crossed, because when it is... it can become UGLY!! 100% pampered "princess" = 100% spoiled BRAT.

I read a great post the other day on Vicky Courtney's blog about how to "princess proof" your daughter. Plus, there is a really neat picture of a princess room-- I have to admit, I was like, "Wow!" Seriously though, I hope, as a mom of a beautiful daughter, that I will spend more time helping her bring out her inner beauty and building character than puffing up her flesh with all that princess fluff. So if you are a mommy of a sweet, precious little girl or girls, Vicky's post is a must read!!!!

The Disney channel recently premiered one of their original movies, "Princess Protection Program" starring Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, and I actually thought the movie had a really great message. Carter (Selena) learns from Rosie (Demi) that there is a whole lot more to being a princess than gowns and crowns. Being the most popular and the prettiest aren't the most important things in life. It's about servanthood and good character. It's about true friendship. All in all a cute movie, for little girls, that is. Though, thinking back on it, my boys sat on the couch and watched the whole thing. They probably just thought Selena and Demi were cute. Yeah, that's it.

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