Thursday, July 09, 2009

"Beat It" on the Front Lawn

Pin It Now! I know, I know, everybody's sick of hearing about Michael Jackson already, but I just couldn't let all this Michael mania pass without sharing one of my very own fond memories of the smooth rockin', moon walkin' king of pop.

It had to be around the summer of '83 or something like that when my aunt (who is just 3 years older than me) and I decided to blast the neighborhood bullies away with our hip shakin', finger pointin' version of Michael Jackson's number one hit, "Beat It". Yep, we stood on my front lawn for all to see, and I honestly can't remember if we were singing along to a boom box of some sort or if it was just our voices. And I don't remember if our smooth moves worked either. If the bullies weren't blasted away, though, I am almost positive it would have sent them into a fit of gut-wrenching laughter. I remember listening to M. J. songs, too, on camping trips with my aunt. Oh, those were the days...

I admit I have been watching a few of the Michael Jackson specials lately. Mark's downloaded a bunch of his songs, and I loved watching my mom rewind him doing the moonwalk over and over again the other day. Regardless of the strangeness surrounding his life, he was extremely gifted and uniquely talented.

You know, I'm sittin' here right now thinkin', we've got a couple of bullies on our street. Hmmm, ya think my kids would mind if I put on my black jeans and a red leather jacket and kind of relived my 1983 memory? Yeah, I could do just that--set my Zune on a rock, turn up the volume and have at it. I sure would like to point my finger and shake my hips at a few kids blaring, "Just beat it, beat it, beat it...

Okay, maybe not.

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