Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Black-Eyed Susie

Pin It Now! My poor baby girl ran into a door knob the other day and hit her eye. I was not an eye-witness, but her "bubbies" acted out an award-winning reenactment while I held my baby and iced her boo-boo.
I just hate it when my kids get hurt!!!! It was so sweet holding her in my arms, though, since she doesn't let me quite as often as she used to. She's an "I can do it MYSELF" kind of girl. Mullin and Lincoln relished the opportunity to wait on her hand and foot and grant her every wish. They comforted her with her favorite blanket and her beloved "Lovey". By the end of it all, Shiloh was contentedly buried under a plush pile of Care Bears. How appropriate. :)
Eye turning all sorts of colors, but she feels great and is "berry" much back to normal.

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