Thursday, October 08, 2009

"I Hate Being Last"

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Sometimes my sweet Shiloh scrunches up her face and protests, "I hate being last. I want to be first!"
She tells me she wants me to have another baby so she won't be last. She doesn't know how great she has it, though. Just look at those pictures. That is the result of being last. When she gets hurt, her "bubbies" immediately run upstairs to fetch her favorite pillow, favorite blanket and all her favorite stuffed animals. She's always got 4 people loving her up all of the time!
I can't relate to being last when it comes to siblings, as I was the first born. I admit, I like it. But I am sure there are wonderful things about being second, third, last etc. I believe we were born at just the right time. And each place is special. Each child will face different challenges due to their birth order, but I believe God can use each challenge to mold us into the person he's created us to be. That's the message I try to send to my second and last born, since they both have issues with not being the first born.
I admit rather selfishly, that having the girl last means she will be the one left with me when the boys are off doing their own thing. We can have special "just us" time doing mother/daughter things!!!!
To all the last borns out there, feel free to share any advice to help me with my baby girl!!!

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