Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Just Gonna Have to Wait

Pin It Now! I mentioned in a previous post that basically, I want to have a bloggy makeover. Well, I think I stressed the name more than anything, but what I really want is an entire makeover.

I've been looking at all the free stuff, but nothing really suits my desires. Plus, with the free stuff, I need to know how to do a lot of the tweaking on my own, and I just don't know enough about all the techy junk involved. It's just too stressful.

One decision I have made is that I am going to have to pay someone to change my blog for me.

I am thrilled about my decision actually, but I just can't afford to do it right at this particular moment.

I am in the process, though, of researching some sites/companies/people that do this sort of thing. Blogs By Sneaky Momma is one site in which I am interested.

Can anybody recommend any more amazing and affordable bloggy designers?


Tamra said...

Don't Do it!!!! I found this amazing site that I used to redo shaenons blog and my own (not the tbone blog) it has so many amazing ideas, and it takes a lot of write press??? blog designs and transforms them to blogger designs. Let me go find the site again and I'll link you to it. They require very minimal tweaking (Mark could help if you needed I'm sure).

Ames said...

Hi there...My name is Amy. I contacted you back in the spring of this year. I am also in AZ(QC area). I am not sure I remember exactly how I came across your blog. I do know it was because of your homeschooling stuff though. This is my first year of homeschooling my 2 boys. We love it!! Anyways...I saw your post here and wanted to let you know that my sister does blog design and makeovers. She is not in it for the business (she does not charge for it). She just LOVES blogging and likes doing that sort of thing. She has a personal blog site and then a blog site that she uses to document and "talk" about her different ideas and such. The link to her blog design sight is:

I can send your information her way (your web link) and see if she has time right now to help you. She is an elementary school teacher and does blogging design on the side. So I am not sure what kind of extra time she has right now. Anyways....

So, are you a part of any homeschool group in the area. I have started doing things with a group from my church. I was invited to join a QC homeschool group but have not made it to any of their meetings yet. Well....maybe we might meet up someday. Also, I saw your homeschool links on your sidebare. We are using Apologia and Math U See, too....LOVE THEM!! TTYL.

Jen said...

Hi there!

I am Amy's(Above commenter)Sister and would be happy to help you tweak your blog. As Amy mentioned I do blog design as a hobby and wouldn't mind helping you out. If you are interested email me!

Also thank you for becoming my newest follower! Welcome!!

Anonymous said...

You MUST visit my friend Kristi! She did my blog and her prices were MORE THAN reasonable!

She is a Christian SAHM and I have known her hubby since we were kids.

Two thumb up for her!


The Lenzers said...

I love and

they both have alot of free stuff and some you can purchase. but i think your blog is great. but i know what you mean about wanting somehting different. i am ready to update mine, but dont have a few hours to sit down and mess with it. I am also thinking of a new name....but we shall see!


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