Wednesday, October 07, 2009

WFMW: Cleaning Tip Edition (Lavender oil) & GIVEAWAY

Pin It Now! I guess I am what you'd call a semi-crunchy parent. I love natural alternatives to everything, yet I don't consider myself a freak having gone completely over the edge. :)

My crunchiness is not only revealed in the types of foods my family eats but also in the types of cleaning products I use. I try to use natural, chemical free methods of cleaning, and LAVENDER OIL is one of my all time favorite cleaning products!!

Sometimes bathrooms need to be freshened up a bit throughout the week or before company comes. Not quite ready for a major scrubbing, though. Clorox wipes are the quick solution for many, but I am just not a fan. The smell is too strong and they leave streaks and chemical residue. My solution is to use my bottle of lavender spray. (I use a 25 fl. oz. spray bottle filled with water and add about 15-20 drops essential oil of lavender.) Just spray bathroom surfaces and wipe with dry cloth or paper towel. WORKS FOR ME!!!!!

In October of 2007 I did a WFMW post all about lavender if you are interested in finding out more.

**Please note that while I am not a huge fan of Clorox wipes, I will not complain if you are. I would much rather sit on a toilet that has been wiped with Clorox than sit on a toilet that hasn't been cleaned at all!!!! :) (Especially if it is a bathroom that children use---eew!)

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Amy said...

Ya know, I LOVE lavander. I have plenty of "stuff" that has the scent-- hand soap, body wash, candles, etc. But I've never tried using the actual essential oil.... I need to do that!

I shared my easy tip for removing crayon from walls and toys today for my WFMW post-- and it's a simple & kid-friendly. I'm kind of like you, a little bit green (baking soda & vinegar are my favorite cleaners)... but I'm also a big fan of the Clorox wipes for quick clean-ups! LOL. When there are "cooties" of any kind, I still feel like it's not really clean until I use bleach.

not up to code said...

I started using your Lavender Oil water around my house too. But I add to my bottle some Grapefruit Seed Extract and Tee Tree Oil too. This is now my go-to product for cleaning all my surfaces! Mostly because it doesn't bother my sensitive lungs.

I also use it for room freshing since I seem to be allergic to most of the name brand room deordorizer sprays or plug in type deodorizers. I even have to unplug those things when I go visit other people's houses.

Does that make me a bad guest?! Oh well - I guess it is better to be a breathing guest.


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