Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Tiny, Two Large

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2009-12-07 007

After a wonderful girls’ day out, on the way out the door of my mom’s house, Shiloh said that it had been the bestest day ever with 3 girls, one tiny and two large.

And she’s probably going to be bigger than both of us someday!

2009-12-07 008 Shiloh picked McDonald’s for lunch, and of course Grandma spoiled her with a strawberry sundae.

Do all children always pick McDonald’s as their favorite lunch spot??

2009-12-07 009

Grandma and Shiloh in the play area.

I was actually admiring the art on the walls here. I would love to have some big, blown-up, black and white square pictures on our walls! (Of our kids, not the McDonald’s models.)

2009-12-07 010

After lunch we went to see the “food movie” as Shiloh called it. Cute, but not my most favorite animated film. Funny that the main girl has a peanut allergy. Well, not really funny, but we can relate.

Anybody else seen this movie? What did you think?


The Lenzers said...

Yes, all kids pick mcdonalds. that's where connor wanted to go today for MY birthday meal!!

Ames said...

Yep, we have seen it. Not the most enjoyable movie that I have been to lately but the kids liked it. I just tried to find the teaching values in know being a homeschool mom and all. :)


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