Friday, August 13, 2010

Because It's Just Too Difficult

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. . . to go that extra mile -- or in this case, the extra 2 feet -- to put your shoes on the shoe shelf!


Not that I noticed, but all of my shoes are on the shelf. That shelf that's for . . . shoes.

I don't like shoes in the house. I never have. It's gross. Shoes walk on all kinds of nasty surfaces, and they never get washed like hands do. (Okay, well I HAVE actually washed my shoe bottoms before.) Anyway, most of us would never think of leaving a public bathroom without first scrubbing our hands, right? (Please say, "Right!") But . . . we don't wash our shoes which have walked all over that same bathroom.

Um, I know this may sound CRAZY, but not everyone seems to be able to get all of that yellow stuff inside the toilet.

Sorry to be the one to have to break that to ya. But, it's true.

So, I provided a handy-dandy shoe shelf right by the door. Just take your shoes off, and wow, reach over about 24 inches or so, and put your shoes on it.

Really, it's that easy.

Any other mamas out there have this same problem -- a shoe shelf that's just too difficult for the house inhabitants to use?


Anonymous said...

Hypocrite! I've put your flip flop collection on the shelf where it belongs MANY times. Speaking of which, if you didn't have so many stinking pairs of flip flops, there might be room on the shelves for the rest of us.

Blog followers, be advised. The wife is not providing full disclosure, and I wouldn't be surprised if that photo was staged.

The depths to which she will descend just for a blog post! It is shameful, that's what it is!

Brandi said...

Whatever makes you feel better, Honey.

Totally NOT staged. And I often pile my shoes on top of each other. And I don't consider 3 pairs of flip flops a lot!

Anonymous said...

Three pairs? Three pairs? Maybe three pairs of OUTSIDE flip flops, but don't forget about the three pairs of INSIDE flip flops.

The Lenzers said...

shoes gross me out too!!! we take ours off inside also. we each have a shoe bin inside the coat closet. and it looks a lot likr your's mind boggling to me! Seriously the bin is 2 inches away!! I am the only one who wears "inside shoes" though

Nikki said...

lol- This looks like our shoe shelf. And I just slide my flip-flops under the very bottom of our shelf so there's plenty of room for shoes on the three shelves.

Heather @ Called to this Journey said...

We have a shelf for shoes too. The shoes are usually all over the floor in front of it. Just like yours. lol


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