Friday, November 05, 2010

Imagination Box Co. Country Cottage Review

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Looking for outstanding, award-winning toys your children will love and remember this Christmas? (Of course you are thinking, "Yes!") Then you've got to check out Imagination Box Company!

Imagination Box Co. makes creative toys that your children get to help "design." These paintable, quality cardboard toys allow your children to use their imaginations and to add their own unique, personal touches. Other special features include:
  • All non-toxic dyes and materials
  • Extreme durability--made with double-walled corrugated board
  • 100% recyclable
  • Toys are printed inside and out with original designs
  • Free set of washable watercolors included with every set
  • Easily accepts markers, crayons and stickers
  • MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!

Russ and Kim Cash, owners and creators, sent my daughter and me this lovey Country Cottage to use and review.
My daughter was so excited to receive her cottage in the mail, and as you can see for yourself, the box in which it came was very nice and sturdy.
She couldn't wait to start coloring! The next day, we opened the box, unfolded the cottage and laid it out flat on our kitchen table. We decided to use markers on the smaller drawings and to save the painting part for last.

(A look at the inside)

It took us several days to finish her masterpiece. Her older brothers even asked if they could help, too. Mostly, though, my daughter and I colored, and what sweet mommy/daughter time we had!

(A look at the outside)

I enjoyed helping with the outside the most~the vines and flowers were so pretty. I thought Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would walk right out the door at any moment!
After everything dried, I couldn't assemble the Cottage fast enough~my girl was ecstatic to finally be able to take it up to her room! After the easy assembly, I did add a touch of Scotch tape to the inside bottom of the "floor" just to make sure everything held together well.

As you can see, the cottage door opens . . .

and the roof can be taken off. She decided she wanted to use it as a doghouse for her puppy, Brownie. Since then her Barbies have even had a chance to visit. :)

Do I even need to mention again that I think this is a fabulous toy?! Imagination Box Co. truly does make toys children will remember! My daughter is already asking for the Castle Tower for Christmas! (She doesn't know it, but I will be ordering the Castle Tower and the extra sparkly Metallic Watercolors this week~shhhh, don't tell!)
Other affordable, paintable craft toys include:
These toys would make amazing, memorable Christmas gifts!! Be sure to take advantage of the 20% off deal going on right now through the end of November.*Thankyou, Kim, for the wonderful opportunity to review your Country Cottage!

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