Monday, June 13, 2011

Apal for Babby

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My heart just about melted right out of my chest and seeped out my belly button when I saw this note Shiloh had written and set by her daddy's coffee pot.  So. Stinkin'. CUTE!

Shiloh loves to give her daddy gifts even if they are recycled right from her very own bedroom. :)  She has such a sweet, little spirit--makes my heart feel all squeezed up!!  Well, our apples trees are bursting with ripe, green treats, so I guess she picked one for her daddy to take to work the next day.  What a thoughtful daughter to give daddy such a healthy snack!

Shiloh is also in to writing all her own notes even though she can't quite spell yet.  Oh, and I guess we still need to work on those pesky b's and d's.  I love seeing all these beautiful notes--such treasures.  ;)

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