Sunday, June 05, 2011

Staycation for 2 Please

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Saying goodbye to our boys for a week.  They left for Memphis on Thursday night and drove straight through.  I can't even imagine!!  So, Shiloh and I had 8 days to ourselves.  We had lots of fun. :)
Getting our hair done by our wonderful hairstylist!  (Aunt Lindsay)
Shiloh was so excited about getting a blow-up pool.  Oh my word, it took forever to blow that thing up!  Needless to say, I was dizzy!

Movie time--Barbie and the Fashion Fairytale.  Yummy snacks to go with it.  Unfortunately, the library copy wouldn't work past chapter 4, but Netflix came to the rescue the next day. :)

Bowling with cousins.  Shiloh even got a strike . . . with bumpers, of course.

Picking peaches at my mom's house.  Oh, so delicious!!
 Mall day with my mom.  Eating cookie dough cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory.
Carousel riding.
Totally surprised Grandma and me when Shiloh decided to get her ears pierced.  Kept going back and forth about the whole ear-piercing thing.  Kinda scared about the pain involved.  But I guess she was feeling brave that day.
Get ready for the pinch!  She didn't cry, but I could tell it hurt a little.

All done and so pretty.  She chose December's beautiful birthstone.  Reminded me of getting my ears pierced at her age, but I chose pink. ;)
Super fun day with Grandma, and so glad she shared Shiloh's ear-piercing event!
Apple picking in our own backyard.

Showing off new shirt and headband that went so well with her new earrings.
Getting ready to meet the little cousins to play at McDonald's.

Spending time with Grandpa while swimming with little cousins.

All in all, a very fun and quiet week.  I'll forever remember our special girl-time sweet Shiloh!

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