Monday, July 09, 2012

A Little Tour

Pin It Now! As far as rentals go, my hubby really scored big when he found this treasure in a sea of not-so-nice properties. It's on a tree-lined street which is hard to come by in regular AZ desert neighborhoods, and my boys get their own rooms - Woo Hoo!!!!
 Our house in the heart of Queen Creek, and living in a real town means I won't have to pay to use the library. :) Kind of excited about that!
 Our street lined with real, green trees. In the spring, they are covered in yellow flowers.
 I still need to adjust to this way smaller backyard, but at least it has a covered porch which we didn't have before. No house behind us either.
 Still getting used to the backyard not feeling as private as my other one, but the view isn't too bad. On the other side, we can see a mountain.
 Nice stone pathway gives a cottage-y feel, and we do have one pitiful-looking lemon tree with zero lemons on it at the moment. Trying really hard not to dwell on all my fruit trees we left behind. :(

 And now for the inside - the living room (obviously).
 Open kitchen with bar. Love the bar but miss being able to use my island in the kitchen. Now it's being used as a piece of furniture in the entryway room. Kitchen has less cabinet space and less pantry space which was super frustrating at first. Our bar would still be chairless if it hadn't been for my dad - we love our stools from World Market! And we got them 1/2 off, too. :)
 Entryway and little off-to-the-side sitting room, I guess.

 Upstairs has a loft. Yea! A place to store homeschool stuff. No longer does it have to be a part of my kitchen decor.
 Our homeschool hutch broke, but my mom found this cabinet for free. I'd love to eventually have a cool, vintage-looking bookshelf, but for now this is great. I was beginning to go a little crazy with books all over the floor!
 My boys are thrilled to have their very own space - Mullin's room.
 Lincoln's room
 Shiloh's room
And one last room that I LOVE having - a real laundry room!!!!  Upstairs and out of the way. Like!

Overall, it is a great house. I got a little worried at first when late night trains passing by woke me up, but now I mostly sleep through the noise. :) Not one scorpion has been seen either, praise the Lord!!!!

We are blessed.

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