Sunday, July 15, 2012

Treasures from Wisconsin

Pin It Now! I know they're just dishes, but to me they are treasures.

My grandpa asked me if I wanted these dishes when I was visiting him with my mom last week. He lives about an hour and a half from me, so I don't get to see him that often. Of course I said, "Um, yes!" (My mom also took a matching bowl--fun!)

The neat thing about these dishes is that they were probably carefully packed by my grandma when she moved to Arizona from Wisconsin in 1965. So, if she used these back in Wisconsin, they've got to be more than 50 years old. I will gladly add them to the milk glass collection and the old fashioned cookie cutters that used to be hers. (Just the silver ones.)

I love being reminded of my grandma (she passed away days before my sweet baby girl was born) when I use things that were hers. I remember her sweet smile and sweet little voice singing songs throughout her house, yummy carrot bread and cookies with those Hershey kisses in the middle, sitting on the back patio and the way she said my name. I try not to remember the times when she would get up in the night upset by all the noise giggly fun my aunt and I were having. :)

My mom, my kids (minus my sick Mullin), and I enjoyed our visit with grandpa. I love that he's lived in the same house longer than I've been alive I think! You don't hear of that very often nowadays! My kids surely won't be able to say that about our home. My oldest is already living in his fourth house. My how times have changed.

Thank you grandpa for the sweet fellowship, the countless stories, the yummy pizza, and for telling me I look like Cindy Crawford every time I see you. :) (Yeah, minus the mole, a whole bunch of money, and SO much more! Add pale skin, a smattering of freckles, a frumpy belly, and there you have it - just like Cindy!) Makes me chuckle every time. Bless his heart.

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