Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sweet Naomi House Moments

Pin It Now! Once again, our family, along with several of our church friends, had the opportunity to travel to the Naomi House in Winslow, AZ. On this trip, we helped set up Christmas decorations, gave out Christmas presents, cooked and served several meals, provided entertainment, made crafts, played with the kids, and tried to give the staff a little break.

I was really proud of my kids for jumping in to help where it was needed and for playing with all of the children. My kids are kind of quiet and shy (Yeah, that's what happens when two introverts get together and have children), but they were awesome! Mullin even helped out in the kitchen some. :)

 The guys did most of the outside decorating on the big porch.

 I helped set up the inside Christmas tree - it was mostly kids who decorated it, though. :)

Don and Tracy brought their sweet, old dog, Spinner. The kids loved him. I did have to rescue him when one of the toddlers decided to pour his apple juice all over him.

Tracy, Don, and Cathi did all of the cooking for the weekend. Cooking and serving over 40 people 4 times was quite a feat!

Jack provided some really cool entertainment on Friday night. He creates chalk drawings (it has to be dark) and uses a black light to reveal really neat images.

Lincoln playing cars outside with several of the boys. They'd made a huge track in the dirt.

Oh my, this was one of the longest UNO games I have ever played. All rules completely made up by this sweet little 5 yr. old who I totally fell in love with! I so wish I could show her cute face. This was the girl we bought presents for - I was so glad we picked her name!

Shiloh and her friend from church making beaded Candy Canes with some of the Naomi House girls.

Play-Doh® was a HUGE hit. I found it so interesting to watch how differently the boys and girls played with it. The girls quietly and sweetly set up a food shop and made cupcakes and stuff like that. The boys created battle scenes and monsters. Battle noises and monster noises are not very quiet. ;) (Not that girls can't get loud. *wink*)

Edible Christmas tree decorating and other crafts. At the beginning of craft time things got a little crazy, and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Halfway through craft time I bailed volunteered to take some of the restless kids outside to play. I hope Mark and Jim can forgive me for leaving them to finish!!!! Toddlers and frosting - what was I thinking?
Our sweet girl showing off one of her necklaces and a Barbie. I absolutely loved shopping for the items on her wish list. She was so excited over the Cinderella watch - wish I'd gotten a picture of that, too.


Teena said...

What is Naomi House? Looks like you all had a great time helping out.

Brandi said...

Naomi House is an orphanage for Indian children in Winslow, AZ. This was our second time going. :)


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