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"Thievesday" More About Teeth

Pin It Now! Thieves® has done wonders for my teeth. And I have had my share of teeth drama. It all started on my very first dental appointment when I was like 5 years old.

Five cavities. On my first appointment. Not a good start. And that was just the beginning of my nightmare of all things relating to my teeth. I can't remember every cavity I got, but I do know that my molars' favorite color was silver!

 I also remember one time I was chewing bubble gum and one of my molars just split in three places. I was always told by dentists that my molars had deep grooves or something like that which made it more difficult to clean them properly. And believe me I was always trying my best to take care of my teeth! I hated getting cavities filled.

I was a spaz about taking care of my teeth. I always brushed regularly. I swished with Plax before I brushed and gargled with Listerine or some other kind of mouthwash after I brushed. I NEVER went to bed without brushing. I don't think I would have been able to fall asleep. (I am still the same way!)

None of that seemed to matter, and I even had to have my first root canal at age 15. Horrible experience. That tooth/crown continued to cause me a fair amount of pain on occasion, which I was always told it wasn't supposed to. Dentists seemed to just ignore me when I would complain about it. When I would floss, I could pull the floss about half way UNDERNEATH that crown. I knew there was space between the crown and my gums and wondered if food and bacteria were getting trapped under there. The worst knee-gripping pain I would experience was when I would eat chocolate. I know, huh? Chocolate of all things. You would have thought that the excruciating pain would have been enough of a deterrent to keep me from eating it. Not so much. For chocolate, I'd suffer the pain!

Even as an adult I would get cavities, but at least by then dentists were using porcelain fillings instead of those ugly, and most likely dangerous amalgam ones. Well, come to find out, the porcelain ones don't last as long and can crack, etc. which led to more root canals. *Sigh*

When I moved to Arizona 6 years ago, I had a HORRIBLE tooth/gum infection above one of my molars. I couldn't even eat bread on that side of my mouth. One of my first priorities after moving was to find a dentist. I was SO nervous because my previous dentist had really done some damage to my teeth. And so began another round of tooth drama. To make a long story short, I ended up having to get 2 root canals, a huge cavity filled, and a crown replacement on the tooth I told you about earlier. Um, my poor husband. Literally thousands of dollars spent on my mouth. (And no insurance.) Lovely times for sure.

I said all that to say . . .

Ever since I have been using Thieves® on my teeth, I have had awesome results! No cavities since the last one I had filled about 3 years ago. The super sweet girl who cleans my teeth raves about how clean my teeth are, and she always has a difficult time finding any plaque to scrape off.

To keep my mouth in tip-top shape, I have been using:

Thieves® Dentarome Ultra toothpaste - I love this toothpaste and hate it when I run out. I know it is more expensive than regular toothpaste, but to me it is worth it. Plus I do get a little discount. :) It did take some getting used to as it doesn't taste like the minty kind of toothpaste. But, I love the way it makes my teeth feel!

Thieves® Fresh Essence Mouthwash - This is some potent stuff! Makes my mouth feel super clean.

Thieves® Essential Oil - I use this on my teeth when I run out of the other Thieves® oral care products. Right now I am using it on a "problem tooth" which I will explain further in a minute.

I have also used the Thieves® dental floss, but it isn't something I find totally necessary. Sometimes I rub Thieves® oil on my regular floss.

So, about my "problem tooth."

That cavity I had to have filled 3 years ago, well, the cavity was so huge it basically covers my entire molar. My dentist said he was just buying me some time by having it filled. Basically, he was telling me it wouldn't last forever and that I would probably have to have a root canal later on. Stellar.

It hasn't bothered me at all. No pain whatsoever. But, about 3 months ago, a small piece of the filling right on the edge broke off creating a little gap. When I went in for my routine checkup this month, he said I would need to get a crown. Even though I hate that I have to get one, at least I don't have to get a root canal! Hopefully Thieves® will keep the bacteria from causing any issues since I am having to wait until January to have the crown put on.

I am so thankful I have Thieves®!!!!!!!

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