Monday, February 04, 2013

18 Year Old Heart Mug (Almost)

Pin It Now! I still have the heart mug my hubby gave to me on our very first Valentine's Day together. We'd only been dating for a couple of months when he surprised me with a red basket filled with Valentine goodies, including this mug.

Let's see . . . that would have been February 14, 1995. Wow, 18 years ago. To my kids, that means this mug is ancient and should probably be considered an antique.

I admit, I like celebrating Valentine's Day. I know to some people (ahem, like my hubby) it's just another Hallmark holiday. But, I think setting aside a day to celebrate love is a wonderful thing!
For me Valentine's Day isn't about spending lots of money, but it is a day I enjoy making special for my family. I will be sharing more toward the end of the week, plus I will be hosting a Valentine's Day Link Up.
Check back this Friday (Feb. 8), and feel free to share anything related to Valentine's Day - recipes, crafts, favorite books, web resources, traditions, etc.
Looking forward to reading your posts!
 *Oops. My hubby had to correct me; this is our 19th Valentine's Day together. ;)


Angela W. said...

18 years is something to celebrate! Hooray for "love" anyday.

Earthy Mama said...

So many people think it is a silly holiday. I think that sometimes we get caught up in life that it is good to have a day to step back and show the love for the ones you have in it!

Newest follower!

Patience said...

Love what the mug symbolizes, 18 years is a long time, congrats!


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