Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Dangerous Situation

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The Dangerous Situation
A poem by:
Boom! Crash! BOOM!
I think I've met my DOOM!
A plane just crashed,
And my buddy got smashed.
Like a man being dangled over a cliff,
I start to get sweaty and stiff.
I have an empty gun,
And I'm not having any fun.
This is getting lame.
Good thing it's just a video game!

game arcade

So, my middle son (11) had to write a poem for one of his assignments last week. It had to be a narrative poem with some literary elements included such as simile/metaphor, that sort of thing.
He asked for extra time because he was having trouble. I obliged because, I too, know how difficult writing a poem can be. When he turned in his poem, he warned, "Yeah, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and wrote my poem."
I'm thinking, Nice. I bet it's gonna be a winner. I was dreading reading it. I really don't like giving yucky grades.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised after I read it. Short and sweet. To the point. And even included a simile and some onomatopoeia. No misspellings. Punctuation looks good. Alrighty then, 100%.
Waiting until the last minute proved to be a good thing . . . this time. :)

*Note: I hope I don't offend anyone by posting. I know there is a gun reference, but dad and the boys do play a few video games that have guns. We, however, do not support unnecessary violence.

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