Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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I just can't believe my baby is 8! She doesn't want me to call her my baby anymore, but how can I possibly not do that? So thankful God blessed me with a sweet, little girl!
She was my shortest labor, HARDEST baby, and easiest child - still is so far. ;) Love this girl.

She's already been spoiled by several grandparents during the week . . .

Grandma gave her some art supplies and a Starbucks gift card which she redeemed THAT day!
Grandpa took her to Build-A-Bear and Chick-fil-A.
Her collection is becoming quite extensive.
Grandparents from CO sent a fun friendship bracelet kit in the mail.
Right now she is patiently awaiting her daddy's return from the Men's Prayer Breakfast so she can open her presents from us. Lots more celebrating in store for our birthday girl . . .

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