Saturday, June 22, 2013

N is for Natural Iron Supplement with Nettles

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I've been thinking about iron lately since I've been dealing with fatigue. :( I am thinking I may need an iron boost soon to help with my energy levels!

During my pregnancies, I would often suffer from anemia. I DID NOT want to take any unnatural pills, so I found an alternative. I had great success with an all natural iron supplement called Tri-Iron from TriLight Health. It contains Nettles, Yellow Dock, Red Raspberry, Dandelion, and Anise. All ingredients are certified organic, too.

While taking a natural iron supplement, I remember my doctor being really amazed at how much my iron levels went up. Tri-Iron worked great for me, so I wanted to pass on the information, especially to any of you who may be expecting. :)

I also used several children's formulas from this same company when my kids were little.

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