Thursday, November 07, 2013

In Which a Mouse and Two Creepy Guys Pay Me a Visit

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Also known as . . . MY CHILDREN.

And these are their Halloween costumes: a mouse, a goofy guy, and Jeffrey Dallas. Don't know who Jeffrey Dallas is? Well, here ya go . . .

Somehow our boys found out about this guy and entertained us with tons of videos. Mullin learned to play that cornfield song on his keyboard, too. :) Lots more on YouTube if you care to watch. We think they are pretty funny, but the sense of humor isn't for everyone.

Anyway, we haven't been putting a lot of financial effort into the kids' costumes the past few years, so they've had to get a little creative. Shiloh desperately wanted to be a monkey for some reason, but I couldn't really find anything there. And I don't sew. I was beside myself when we found an adorable, little mouse accessory set at Target for $5. She compromised and loved it! And Lincoln, well, he has a fondness for those funny glasses. Totally him. ;)

This year we didn't Trick-or-Treat; we helped our church put on their first Harvest Festival located right in our pastor's neighborhood. Blocked off part of the street; set up games, bounce houses, and dunk tank; and had a blast!

Until next year!

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