Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ornament Reveal

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Receiving new ornaments on Memory Tree decorating day is one of our family's FAVORITE Christmas traditions! Each year we give our kids a new ornament, and I absolutely love trying to find ones that are going to be special for each child.

This year, we gave Mullin Gandalf the Grey since he, and really all of us, are such HUGE Lord of the Rings fans. We gave Lincoln, our Rootbeer Fanatic, a root beer ornament, and we gave Shiloh a cute, little polar bear with a penguin because she adores animals with all of her heart.

It is my hope that when my kids are grown and gone and decorating their own trees with their families that all of the ornaments they've received over the years will bring back sweet memories of their childhood.
In the quiet and comfort of my own bedroom, I prepare for the special night of trimming our Memory Tree. I enjoy getting all of their ornaments out each November, carefully unwrapping each one, and lingering over the memories that each ornament brings to mind. Our kids have lots of ornaments, too, because grandparents have also been generous in the ornament-giving department. It's wonderful reliving so many memories of our kids' childhoods!  
Our Memory Tree houses all of our family's ornaments that have been given to us over the years by family and friends. Our kids have so many ornaments now that all of my hubby's and my ornaments don't even fit anymore. That's okay because one day it'll just be our ornaments on the Memory Tree again. And that will actually be kind of sad.
Hubby got me a heart ornament from World Market for our turquoise tree. He gave me a heart ornament last year, too. He has great taste and knows me well. Love having a husband that knows how to shop for his girl!!

This is also the night we all drink our first cup of Christmas Hot Cocoa. We used to save this drink for December 1st, but we sort of changed that tradition. :)

So blessed to be able to make such great memories with my family. What are your favorite family Christmas traditions?

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